PlanB Predicts BTC Growth | Realized Price Chart Readings Climb After Stagnation

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Who is PlanB?

It’s easier to summarise someone’s background and credibility as a financial analyst when people know who they are.

PlanB is an anonymous but well-known figure in the world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and his detailed analysis has gained him 1.8 million followers.

His name cleverly represents the B in Bitcoin but has a double meaning referring to the alternative to the current monetary system.

He’s an institutional Investor who studies charts with over 20 years of experience in financial markets.

In March 2019, PlanB created the Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model. This prediction model uses the relationship between the existing supply of Bitcoin and the rate at which miners create new Bitcoin to estimate future prices.

Predicts BTC Acceleration

In a new strategy session on YouTube, PlanB tells his 51,600 subscribers that Bitcoin’s realized cost price, which is the average value of BTC supply calculated at the price at which coins were last moved, is signaling that a more pronounced bull market is likely underway.

PlanB says price moving above the two-year realized cost price has historically suggested big moves to the upside.

The important thing that we see is that the Bitcoin price, the red dots, crossed over the two-year realized cost price, and it already crossed the realized cost price, and it already crossed the five-month, short-term cost price. So now, it’s a new thing… It crossed the two-year realized price, and that’s an important signal. Of course, the month is not over, so we’ll wait and see how [June] closes.”

Source: PlanB/YouTube

PlanB also notes that the realized cost price readings are all moving up together after years of remaining stagnant.

“In history, closing above the two-year realized price was a signal that the bull market [was about to] accelerate. Same here in 2016 and 2019 was a bit of a weird year with the Covid black swan…

So it’s very interesting and one more thing that is also very interesting, the realized price, the black line, and the two-year realized price, the blue line, started to increase again since a long time. I think it declined for about a year, and now for the first month, it’s increasing again, and that’s when things become really interesting, so we’ll have to see what Bitcoin will do.”

At time of writing, Bitcoin is trading for $30,183.

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