AxieCon Goes Live September 7-10 | NFT Gaming Leader Hits Record Sales in 2022

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What is AxieCon?

AxieCon is a live physical event that will be held September 7-10, 2022 in Barcelona. Their vision is bring the players, staff and inventors of Axie Infinity together under one roof.

Right through the pandemic, when almost the entire world and all activities had just about come to a standstill, the Axie Infinity team kept themselves occupied and engaged in planning and preparing to bring to life their ambitious, highly thrilling event, AxieCon.

Speaking to BSCNews, Andrew “Zyori” Campbell, who leads and heads the team engaged with eSports, and the much sought-after Play And Earn blockchain game, informed that through this enterprising event, AxieCon, they would be successful in bringing together all of their global residents of the digital nation under one roof, culminating in a progressive opportunity for healthy and informed interaction.

Zyori further emphasized that there have certainly been many such interactive community meetings arranged in the past. Still, the scale and scope of this particular event would be the largest yet, and in real life.

In his talk with BSCNews, he accepted and confided that considering the proportion of the worldwide pandemic, which had created an insecure and completely unsure atmosphere, it was indeed the scariest and inopportune time to plan for the AxieCom event. But there was no turning back once it was unanimously decided to go ahead, irrespective of whatever the consequence was. It was the greatest event they had ever attempted to breathe life into.

The AxieCon event will kick start on September 7th in Barcelona. An energetic and informed interactive session will be in the offing between participants and Sky Mavis officials. Issues ranging from the Axie ecosystem to various aspects of Axie Infinity, on the whole, would be laid bare.

There is also a most welcome bit of news for those who would, for various reasons, not be able to be physically present at the event. So as not to be left out of the picture, the event will be broadcasted on the MainStage of AxieCon, on their Twitch channel, for their convenience.

Record Sales for 2022

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Axie Infinity is recognized as the leader in non-fungible token (NFT) gaming. In-game digital assets such as the Axie creatures are represented by NFTs. These cryptographically unique tokens, as discussed, confer ownership and allow the player to trade Axies on the game’s marketplace for real money.

In the realm of NFT projects, Axie Infinity holds the record for the third-highest all-time sales. As of March 2022, Axie Infinity generated $4.17 billion in all-time NFT sales, below OpenSea’s $23.21 billion and LooksRare’s reported $18 billion.9

Play-to-Earn Business Model (P2E)

The play-to-earn (P2E) business model is new to the gaming industry. It is designed to reward participants who add value in certain ways to the game’s world or ecosystem. The basis of P2E is predominantly based on the freemium model, which means that it is free to get started and then the user can pay to add new features, content, or gear or simply to progress more quickly through the game.

As of late February 2022, Axie Infinity does not follow the typical free-to-play model since players are required to start with three Axies, but according to, the company is reportedly planning on releasing free in-game starter monsters to appeal to new users who aren’t ready to pay the premiums needed in the current model.10 Granted, starter monsters likely will not be able to earn the player much in terms of reward tokens, but the shift could open the game to an even wider audience.

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